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Scrapbook / Retro : MKV Logo
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This logo shows my abilities at using Paint Shop Pro.. to.. create.. no, no! I've said this before. Where are these words coming from. ::sobs::

This version I love. Its bright, colourful and has a good depth to the image.

Again, using various layers and probably the 'contact selection' feature of Paint Shop Pro (also available in PhotoShop if you can find it), I created an inner segment to the text, an even distance from the predfined edge. This allowed me to stick a drop shadow from within the shape creating that great layered/depth effect.

Colour preference; the brighter the better, right? Well, maybe I'm wrong. Its a nice piece though, the effect is the important bit of this image, the name almost insignificant. I love that font, wonder if its still on my Harddrive.

Side note: I saw someone on an advert say 'H-Dee-Dee', when referring to his Harddrive. How sad is that. I mean, I type HDD (Hard Disk Drive) because its much easier then typing out the full. However, speech is an entirely different medium and should not be abbreviated to that extent through laziness. I mean HDD, no-one _says_ that!

What was I saying... ?