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Scrapbook / Highlights : MKV Logo
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This brightly coloured logo is an example of my abilities at using Paint Shop Pro. I like the inner rounded affected on the text.

Can't remember the name of the font to be honest. Theres a whole series of MKV logos on this site, I ran off several in one block.

I believe to create this effect I typed the text out and duplicated onto a separate floating layer. I then blurred the one layer, and set the effect to Overlay, or Hard Light.

I then shifted the floaty layer's transparency until I got the effect I wanted. I might of moved the whole layer a few pixels down too.

Styling on it is very independant. Notice the use of the plain black background, I really didn't design the effect to work with other colours.

It is more of a header/stanalone piece which would look better standing out at the top of the page.