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-0001/11/30 00:11:00

I'm not saying anything. :<Sleepy>ips up mouth::

Oh look! A logo, how did that get there. Well, isn't that interesting. I wonder what else I was doing while making a logo like that?

It seems like I took my name, "Markavian", and blurred it significantly before colouring it green and adjusting the brightness/contrast until it looked like a distant alien/matrix/sci-fi text piece.

I remember looking at this and thinking "No ones going to be able to read that." So I then stuck the faded Markavian text at the bottom right. Looks like I tried to use a silver (white>grey) fill on that text, doesn't look too peacy.

Umnh, I'm not a massive fan of this piece of art, but its an interesting style if you your after an alien/matrix/sci-fi effect.

Btw, the 3rd Matrix Film, Matrix Revolutions sucked big time. Great scenes, brilliant CGI, dull, DULL story line. *Sigh*!