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Scrapbook / Wooden Crate
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Facinating, a box. A wooden crate to be precise. Were you expecting to see this?

There are a lot of small items like this on this website, at least there will be in a short space of time... maybe I can produce a guide to the decent stuff.

Anyway! The crate, yes! In my enduring quest to produce Red Alert 2 buildings which looked and played the part ingame, I decided that the small things counted. e.g. Crates, Boxes, Barrels, Weapons Caches, etc.. This wooden box was a singular model based off photorealistic images.

The original image was infact a photo of a 2m by 4m by 3m big box shipping crate. I took one of the side panels and hacked it down to size. I then drew a box in 3D Studio Max, and applied the photo to the diffuse texture with a bump map.

The result can be seen above.

Look for a box just like this one stacked up against walls on my other models. Maybe I'll do a competition to count how many wooden crates are on my website some day.