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Scrapbook / Red Alert 2 Buildings
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Long story behind this. Massive development work.

This extraction facility is an isometric building designed for Red Alert 2, Westwoods superb Command & Conquer hit game. Many people tried modding this game, quite a few suceeded.

However, one area that didn't change between all the mods, was the building graphics, the SHP files. There was just not enough artists in the field who could create graphics good enough for suitable ingame useage.

Thats where I came in, my skills allowed me to research and model buildings for Red Alert 2 which looked and felt like they should be there. I'd like to say I suceeded.

This particular model was designed a Soviet alloy plant, a research facility for the Tech War 2 mod, created by Justin Pereira. As you will see from another design (when I post it), I changed the feel of the render dramatically.

3D Studio Max was my key tool. Polygons and Textures my canvas pieces. Paint Shop Pro was the edited/finalisation base for cleaning up the image, and the final image was brought together by the XCC Mix Manager.

I didn't even mention the troubles I had with development, maybe they'll find themselves part of the other posts.

Soviet Air Command

^ An example of another Red Alert 2 building I put together - Soviet Air Command. I apparently didn't like the first version (left) and so added more details (gubbins) to the final version on the right.