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-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Finally, something fun! A game that've been putting together since Thursday night. Spent well over a full day on it today, and I'm so very pleased with the results. I get to shoot stuff, and stuff explodes.

Story line in development, got some friends helping me on that, and I've put some <a href="showcase/storyboards.png" target="_blank">storyboards doodled</a> out to help me think.


UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT for movement.


a - Evil Red Laser

s - Torpedo / Bullets

z - Plasma Charge

x - Wave Beam

Weapons are likely to change, I just smacked on four hardpoints so I could try out a variety of weapons. Have fun.

Update: v3 has a key mapping system that saves between goes (using SharedObject), and a planned feature for ship rotation...

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