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-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Link: Cavern Runner Highscores - All time top 100


Use the UP and DOWN keys to navigate your way through the cavern without touching the sides. The further into the cavern you go, the more points you can score, but as you go deeper, you travel faster, until you crash and lose your health.

Cavern Runner, my first ever proper game! Wooh. (Any other attempt failed miserably, this is the only one I've seen through to the end.) For this project though, the end was clearly in sight, it took me 24 hours to produce the core game, and I'm very pleased with it.

If you couldn't tell, the game was programmed in Flash MX, using my action script skills to link together several independant movie clips (e.g. the menu, the scoring screen, the main game).

I probably spent more time working on the scoring system then the game. I've connected the Flash up to some PHP scripts backed by a mySQL database. There are two scripts, one for adding scores, the other for viewing scores. Flash reads the outputs of these scripts and displays the info inside. How cool is that?

Scores are reset weekly, so try your best to come out top!