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Scrapbook / Fun Cruise Quiz
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This flash game is something I made for an interactive photo album. The quiz asks ten random multiple choice questions (from 20) which you should try and answer.

<b>Techy bit</b>

For me, possibly the clevrest bit is the way it loads quiz data in dynamically from a easy to read <a href="showcase/games/quiz/quiz.txt" target="_blank" title="The text data file used by the quiz">text file</a>. I had to write a special parser in Flash to load and parse this, and I think its very fast, since I designed it to be a single pass character-by-character token-by-token parser.

Even the graphics are loaded in externally (although this was designed for running on a PC), so give them chance to load when answering questions (although not all questions have pictures).

The quizical icon was made for this quiz but does not feature in the quiz, its actually found on the cruise album '<a href="showcase/photoAlbum_preview4.jpg" target="_blank" title="See the Games Page for the Photo Album">games page</a>'.

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