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Scrapbook / Cairo Panorama
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This is a panorama of the Giza Pyramids near Cario, Egypt that I made shortly after visiting the country over Easter 2006.

Simply click and drag to navigate left/right/up/down, use the +/- buttons to zoom in/out.

The panorama itself was made by stitching seven photos of the Pyramids together using Canon Photostich software (took about 30 secs work). I then loaded the image into a Flash applet I designed three years ago for displaying panoramas. Which was more like 5 minutes work.

I suprised myself when the applet autodetected the new widths and heights of the supplied image and the adjusted 'viewer' size (which originally was much smaller).

This hi-resolution panorama is far more interesting as much more can be seen at once, and there is plenty of detail as you zoom in. I think it gives a good sense of being at the Pyramids. They're big, you really do need to turn to fit them all in at once, ~huge~!

:: places hands a fair distance apart ::

Other notes: Yes, it was cloudy that day. Patchy blue and very hot when our tour group arrived but it soon clouded over. Also, if you look closely at the panorama there are weird duplicates of people and half hats due to people moving as I took the photos. I could have reduced this effect, but it was a rush job. Plus I find it funny and interesting. Theres one man in a yellow hat next to himself in different poses.

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