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Scrapbook / UCE - Escort (Textured)
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This is a test render of a spaceship. Part of the United Colours Empire, the Escort is the smallest ship in the fleet, capable of carrying about 150KT of equipment.

If you look to the icons below, I had to build this model before texturing it. The texture, although not very detailed, adds a much more uniform character to the model.

This model is closely based on the United Colours Empire Homefleet, a ship set designed for a game called Space Empires IV. More details about that fleet, and other space fleets created by me can be found at Universal Shipyards:


The model is closely optimized for importing into a computer game, with a single texture file, and the ability to quickly export at different polygon resolutions... a feature I think is missing in many modern computer games; model based quality selection.

The different renders show the difference quality that can be used for various purposes.