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Scrapbook / Text Ticker
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Note, this hasn't been connected up to real news feeds. Any news displayed is current as of the 10th of August 2004.

A really straight forward bit of code (in the end!). This text ticker, made in flash, scrolls a line of text across the page.

It works by taking parts of a string and chopping them up, and sticking them back together again.

If you know a bit about flash, you might find the code below useful. It works in a single frame, and you only need a text box set to acccept the variable ticktext.

Having a fixed width font is important too, it looks all funny if you use a variable width font.

messages = new Array();

messages = "A major security update for the Windows XP operating system is about to become widely available.";

messages[1] = "A rocket by a team taking a low-budget stab at the Ansari X-prize has exploded in mid-air.";

function implode(array) {

var t = "";

for(key in array) {

t += " - - - - - " + array[key];


return t;


message = new String(implode(messages));

ml = message.length;

mi = 1;

md = 0;

onEnterFrame = function() {

if(md > 0) {


} else {

if(mi > ml) {

mi = 1;


ticktext = message.substring(mi, ml);

ticktext += message.substring(0, mi-1);


md = 1;