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Scrapbook / Square Flower
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This piece came out quite nicely. It works on a similar principle to the Ice Crystal piece, but was written using a different script.

It was meant to be an experient using setInterval, but it wouldn't work for me, so I went with a traditional frame based loop which did work.

Another big feature thing that I figured out was how to generate HEX numbers/colours. I wasn't sure how to do it before, and was wondering if there was a function within Flash... there probably is, but what I did was make an array from 0 to 15, and assigned the equivalent hex number to each entry... and then accessed the number from the array.


// Array colours
hexColours  = new Array();
hexColours[0] = "00";
hexColours[1] = "11";
hexColours[2] = "22";
hexColours[3] = "33";
hexColours[4] = "44";
hexColours[5] = "55";
hexColours[6] = "66";
hexColours[7] = "77";
hexColours[8] = "88";
hexColours[9] = "99";
hexColours[10] = "AA";
hexColours[11] = "BB";
hexColours[12] = "CC";
hexColours[13] = "DD";
hexColours[14] = "EE";
hexColours[15] = "FF";

Very functional in the right environment!

As for the design side of things, I thought about what shape to draw, and decided a square would be the simplest. I've applied three transformations to each square:

1) x/y scale of the object

2) 360 degree rotation, in 10 degree blocks (snappy)

3) Varied colours, biased towards red, moderate blue, little green.

The colours it produces are kinda in wintery/autumn feel again. The shape looks like petals on a flower. I like this piece.

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