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Scrapbook / Praetoria Map
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This map was designed for a commnual planet that served as the embassy base for an intergalatic alliance known as the Praetorian Guard. The alliance was formed from a roleplay group in the Space Empires community.

The map itself was drawn in Adobe Illustrator, with layered vectors used to build up the continents. The idea was that the histories of our empires would be added to different parts of the map, and form the navigation for a website. Using vectors, I could zoom in almost infinitely, adding more and more detail to different areas as we went.

It was a very fun and detailed idea, alas - building an entire planet takes a lot of effort and we gave in to other more intersting ideas.

This was way back in 2001 any how, at least thats what the file on the CD I burnt said. I didn't ever know I'd be writing about it this long after.