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Scrapbook / Oil Party - Dreamy haze
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Okay, so that other Oilrig picture, that looks peachy and all... but its too pristine. Pristine, my word for the day. Too perfect, too computeried... too boring.

No added artwork to this version from the other, simply a grandious journey of PSP effects and textures. It works rather well.

I bundled up the same image on several layers and hacked away with different effects and layer blending techniques until I had a faded dreamy image that I thought was suitable.

The final part of the image was the colouring. The original was very bland, all grey. I couldn't just do a simple colourisation, that would have looked worse then the original. Instead I adjusted the 'colour balance', which split the image into three sections, Shadows, Midtones and Highlights, and then slightly varied each into the blue section, with each section having a a different red/green/blue level. This brings colourless images to life, nothing is ever a plain shade. Chaos, descrepcies, defects, problems, tears, holes, gruby marks... get real, they're all in life, nothing is ever perfect... maybe nothing should ever be perfect.