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Scrapbook / Moving Water Colours
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

I made this one very late night, it came together wondefully. I sat, and I stared, and I stared... and the colours just reached out to me, facinating.

This animation is very user interactive. Stick with it for a while.

- The X axis, left - right controls the speed and direction of the movement.

- The Y axis, up - down controls the density of the new layers.

- Clicking subtly changes the colour.

- Ocassionally the colour will change on its own.

Control the colourful waves, mix diffent speeds and densities, wave the direction around. The interaction of the new layer, a sort of drawing tool, creates amazing combinations.

The best palettes emerge just as the colour switches, and the new colour layers itself ontop of the previous one.

You need to have Java installed for this applet to work correctly.