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Scrapbook / Fader B
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

This arty piece I really like.

The start is the best bit. Plain white. Nothingness, what to expect?

Expect... colour.

The colours come, and your treated to a beautiful rippled glassy picture, a glimpse at something sugary. Just a glimpse, a fraction of time passes, and it all fades away again.

Then, the whole lot fades apart randomly, showing you parts of the image kinda in a sequence, moving the visible parts from place to another. It'd be shadowy if it weren't so bright. Colours, hiding in the light.

A technology piece. Several independant movie clips fading between states at random intervals. Made in flash, created using action script. The base image was something I knocked up using Paint Shop Pro. It had no original function, simply a backdrop for the function.

Together, they make this really relaxing animation, different everytime.

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