Connect the worlds...

... rule the universe.

Connect the Worlds, Rule the Universe - Game Preview

Mobile Builds

Android - LudumDareGame-debug.apk - this is a debug build, will need special permissions to install on a device.

IOS - Not yet available

Player Mode

Currently the only player mode is 2 human players with pass and play. The current plan is to support up to 6 player games, with a mix of human, AI and pass and play.


The game is a mouse/touched based game. Click on buttons to perform actions, you'll be prompted with options at each stage of the game.



Designed in 48 hours over the weekend of LUDUM DARE DATE.

Developed progressively since Ludum Dare 30, a 48 hour game jam, the version on this site is far more advanced then anything I could make in 48 hours.


Competion rules - all artwork, sound, and music were created by myself using publicly available tools.

Many thanks to the respective authors and companies behind the software:

Sound Effects: SOUND UTILS

Graphics: GRAPHICS

Compiler / Language: Haxe + OpenFL

IDE: FlashDevelop

Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.8


Full source available on Github:



The Ludum Dare community for great feedback and support.

Screen Shots

Some screenshots of the game...

Title screen Map indicators Movement into space Research technology

Feedback and Suggestions

Please send any feedback, suggestions, and ideas to or to my twitter account @Markavian.

Thanks for checking out the game!