A Medieval Story...

... in 10 seconds

Controls: Use your mouse to click the buttons, click Begin Game, then pick a character.

Each turn select an option, you have 10 seconds to takes all of your turns!

At the end of your game you'll get the story of your adventure!


A Medieval Story, presented by mkv25.net games. Ludum Dare 27 Competition Entry - Theme: 10 seconds.
Entrant: Markavian, aka John Beech. (Release r1)

A game of top trumps, with a twist. Using 10 different characters build your way to fame and fortune. Aim to become king of the land, or the wise one, or both. Wheel and deal with the other characters to boost your points, or be penalized for your inequality.

Produced within 48 hours over the weekend of 25th/26th of August 2013.


Competion rules - all artwork, sound, and music were created by myself (Markavian) using publicly available tools.

Many thanks to the respective authors and companies behind the software:

Sound Effects: No time for sound effects :(

Graphics: Paint Shop Pro 7, Flash CS5

Compiler / Language: Haxe NME

IDE: FlashDevelop

Operating system: Windows 8 PC, Windows 7 Laptops


Full source available here: A MEDIEVAL STORY RELEASE R2


Thanks to my beating heart for keeping me alive in these final minutes (19 minutes til submission closes at the time of writing).

Screen Shots

Some screenshots of the game...

A Medieval Story - Title Screen A Medieval Story - Character Select A Medieval Story - Gameplay Options A Medieval Story - End Game Story