Miniature Worlds


Controls: Mouse, Left-Click worlds to Harvest.
Left-Click Inventory Items to pick up -> Left-Click worlds to Apply.
Left-Click and Drag items on to each other to combine.


Minature Worlds, presesnted by games. Ludum Dare 23 Competition Entry - Theme: Tiny World.
Entrant: Markavian, aka John Beech. (Release r7)

Produced within 48 hours over the wekend of 21st/22nd of April 2012.


As per competion rules, all artwork, sound, and music were created by myself (Markavian) using publically available tools.

Many thanks to the respective authors and companies behind the software:

Music: - modified with a few custom instruments (source included)

Sound Effects: Audacity, microphone, a Table Spoon, and a Pint of Tea. (tink)

Graphics: Paint Shop Pro 7

Compiler / Language: Haxe NME

IDE: FlashDevelop

Operating system: Windows 7


Full source available here:


Special thanks to the guys on IRC ( #ludumdaredev), and to my facebook friends, for keeping me sane through the weekend!

Screen Shots

Miniature Worlds - Title Screen Miniature Worlds - First Run Miniature Worlds - Inventory Miniature Worlds - Instructions Miniature Worlds - Harvesting Miniature Worlds - Crafting