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  • Overview of Inner Keep - This serves as both the roof to the lower levels of the fortress, as well as the...

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Submitted: 2009-02-12 (View map)

No :), the point was to create a fortress in a _natural_ lake. So the water was already there when i started and im tying to get rid of it now :)

Submitted: 2009-02-09 (View movie)

Have you been able to recreate this concept in the underground and with a limited water source (fps ...)? In all my trys underground the game doesnt seem to recognize the 7/7s generated by the pump as moving. Setup above ground like this works perfectly ...

Submitted: 2008-10-10 (View map)

Sweet :). I tryed this once (and failed :) ) But maybe i can help you a little. For instance: you dont really need a magma reservoir on the surface if you put a pump directly over the 1st layer layer of the volcano (there is a spot, that i will poi) then pump it all the way up you will be able to drain the entire volcano in about 2-3 minutes if you want.
And i discovered the it is better to turn off caveins in the init when pouring magma directly into the ocean to avoid the single columns dropping down.
Btw Copper will do just fine for the pumps, wood sounds a litte like exploit :)
I just found an old map of my attempt so i've uploaded it. This documents not my last attemps (of which i have no pics) but but should give you a clue of what i meant with the fast magma pumping.
I hope you come up with a working approach :)

[Message edited on 2008/10/10 at 05:41 by w4ldf33]

Submitted: 2008-08-18 (View map)

Damn i love that fortress layout and your tileset :).
Could you provide a pic of your starting location on the worldmap?

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