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Submitted: 2009-05-23 (View map)

Errr, I think the uploader got a bit confused...

Submitted: 2008-06-02 (View map)

Yea, usually I build for ascetics, but that giant river/moat kinda spoiled my plans.

I could still have potentially done something about it, but getting raped by Skeletal Giant Eagles is a great way to become distracted.

Submitted: 2008-05-27 (View movie)

Oh dont worry, I know all about second story fortification. Im not new to the game but I was surprised that he ended up killing the troll. The only reason I had him there were to keep the monsters at bay as I built the floors.

Submitted: 2008-05-22 (View map)

Thank you for commenting!

As to answer your questions, The chairs are there because I simply accidentally made to many of them, so I figured Id put them... somewhere.

Also, I am in the process of roofing up my top top floor. Its help getting rid of all my excess stone that you can see.

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