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  • Burrow Workshops - This might seem like a well organised space for crafting rocks; but it is infact...
  • The Staffrare Oasis and Reservoir - ITS DONE. After... having trouble trying to dam a river that changed flow dire...
  • Generator Room - This room generates 2400 units of power from 24 water wheels. The water falls fr...
  • Big Square Quarry - This is a big square quarry. The dwarves have been collecting stone from its dep...

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Submitted: 2010-01-18 (View map)

I love this kind of fortress; with "this kind" I intend those fortress who look like they're from a plausible fantasy world: every building seems like it's carefully projected in all its details and shape.
I love this map, and I hope to see updates in the future!

p.s. wouldn't it be nice to make somekind of repository for "believable and detailed fortresses"

Submitted: 2009-10-11 (View map)

This map deserves my first comment ever on DF Map Archive...
everything is so astounding... there's love in this project. I think that is really inspiring to have a story background for the first dwarves, when I master a bit more this game I'll give it a try.
Man, you're an inspiration!!!

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