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Submitted: 2010-03-22 (View map)

Excellent design, top of the favourites list this goes.

Submitted: 2009-08-17 (View movie)

I should note, that it wasn't the magma that forced me to abandon the final fortification, it was the flaming clothing of the first three dwarves.

My second last dwarf, Sarvesh, carved the last half of one fortification, and the first half of another while engulfed in fire (and slowly too, these fellers had no engraving skill to speak of). What a trooper. The final dwarf, Likot, lowered himself into position above Sarvesh's corpse and instantly burst into flames, pulled out his chisel, and died.

Good times. Sorry for the choppy video, between learning how to use the editor, and the various waterfalls and lava falls destroying my framerate, it got a little crazy. :)

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