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Submitted by: mounf - 2015-08-11 - Removed

Submitted: 2014-08-05 (View map)

I think "channeling attackers" is causing some confusion.. By this I mean forcing them to attack an easily defensible position. Not attackers digging their way into my fort!

I'm looking forward to when attackers do the latter though. It'll need much more flexible defensive design.

Submitted: 2014-07-20 (View map)

A single iron anvil (I always take this if available, I like to have some basic armor forged by the end of year 1). The cage traps are wooden, weapon traps have 2 (low quality) spiked iron balls or menacing spikes apiece.

Submitted: 2014-01-30 (View map)

Yes, Clear glass dining tables and silver chairs.

Submitted: 2014-01-10 (View map)

It's now 21 years old (started in year 200). Thanks, I can't remember where I came across the use of bridges to protect Marksdwarves, but given the amount of damage a couple of elite missile goblins can do it's proven very useful in the past!

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