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Submitted: 2012-02-10 (View map)


The red soil is silty clay, like Markavian says.
The fortress is located on an island, on the east coast and I think the climate was moderate/hot.

Yeah, there's a lot of blood and corpses, including humans.... in on year, a Human administrator came, but ded of old age.... so, the human civilization think it was my fault and attacked me. A year later another administrator came and offer me peace =D

And about the tileset, yes is different, I found it on the Wiki. I learn how to play with graphic sets, but later I change to ASCII, because I like it more, I think is more simple once you learn the symbols.

Submitted: 2012-02-09 (View map)

Este sitio es fenomenal!
Yo tengo algunas fortalezas agregadas a favoritos, pare revisar, y sacar ideas.

Yo uso unos sets que son iguales al "default", pero cuadrados, para mejor simetría; y una configuración de colores distinta, no me gusta el marrón que viene por defecto =P
Uso 2 distintos que a veces voy variando, uno tiene paredes diagonales como vos decís, y el otro no.
En mis ultimas 2 fortalezas que subí (Cityswords y Rocktongs) se puede ver el tileset y colores que uso actualmente.

Submitted: 2012-02-09 (View map)

Muy buena!
No se si esta en tus planes ya, pero yo iría moviendo las stockpiles con los mecanismos y los muebles para adentro, para mayor seguridad.

Submitted: 2011-10-11 (View map)

I only made a little test on the Arena, but later, everyone in this fortress died..... =(

@magic dwarf
I only had one glass window in the entire fortress, had no time to make more, because this fortress has fallen to the "Horrors from Below" xD

Submitted: 2011-08-11 (View map)


Thanks! Actually I have like 220 dwarves (I'm in the year 151, this map is from year 148)

Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2011-08-02 - Removed

Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2011-08-02 - Removed

Submitted: 2011-05-05 (View map)


It was a combination of everything. This was one of my first fortress, have no idea of how military works.
First, with almost 90 dwarves, a goblin siege come. They killed everyone but 6 guys. I was going to quit, when a group of inmigrants came. They took 2-3 years to fix everything and build the cemetary.
My fortress was with good population again, I think 100 dwarves.... when the second siege came... this time double the goblins, mounted in giant rats and Trolls.
Blood and tantrums everywhere.
So, I decided to open the caves where 3 forgotten beast was wandering. So, in the last shot of my fortress you can see in the bedroom area, the 3 beast. My mayor was alive in one of the rooms, but unconcious. He died of thirst later.
I came back to Oilyraptor with an adventurer, and killed 2 of the forgotten beast, and the goblin leader (who was fighting the beast with a bunch of other goblins)
It was epic an FUN xD

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