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Submitted: 2015-09-21 (View map)

hi, cool fort, i love the dome.

Submitted: 2014-11-06 (View map)

well...im russian.greetings from Barnaul!

Submitted: 2014-11-03 (View map)

could you continue the chronicle of your fort in text form?

Submitted: 2014-10-27 (View map)

Sorg:about average

Submitted: 2014-10-20 (View map)

there will be a update to my fort once the mayor's quarters are finished:)

Submitted: 2014-10-09 (View map)

dear VP,how would you rate my fort, Cudgelsecret?

Submitted: 2014-10-08 (View map)

will you update this map?

Submitted: 2014-10-07 (View map)

how do i export map layers?

Submitted: 2014-10-04 (View map)

ummm...you embarked on a tundra?

Submitted: 2014-09-28 (View movie)


Submitted: 2014-09-13 (View map)

nice fort

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