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Submitted: 2009-10-14 (View movie)

The river jumpstarter is a lever that activates a pump that takes little bit of water out of the river at the source. Rivers apparently shut down after they haven't produced any water for a while (e.g. when dammed) and the water level has to decrease near the source to get them going again. It's the one that I ordered to be pulled twice.

(edited for clarity)

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Submitted: 2009-10-13 (View movie)

A few things to note in retrospect:

(1) I should have put the intake reservoir closer to the stream to avoid blocking my hallway, and separate from my well supply so that I always have water while the trap is refilling. Alternately, I could have pumped straight from the river.
(2) More screw pumps! (just kidding. It's fast enough as it is)
(3) I should have some kind of water recycling mechanism, to lessen the refill time.

Actually, I could have done the whole thing with an aquifer. That would have been pretty convenient, but there isn't one on this map.

Random note: While the pumps were being built, I foolishly started them to try to drain the intake ditch. A baby fell in. That was fun.

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