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Submitted: 2012-12-22 (View map)

The railway is alot faster than walking, and there is no real wait time. My game runs at about 30 FPS, and a round trip takes about 10 seconds.

I always only use a single cart on each track. (Most of my former cart related deaths has been due to a stranded cart that a dwarf went to pick up, - and was hit by another cart.)

Submitted: 2012-12-22 (View map)

A very late reply to LLL.
The main purpose is was to see if it could work. :-)
It has only been used for moving metal bars and marble down to the magna forges, i.e. a free fall shaft would have been a lot easier and effiecient.
The plan was to use it to move gold furniture up from the magna forge, but I haven't bothered to set it up yet.

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