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Submitted: 2008-11-27 (View map)

At least a fifty. I wouldn't be surprised if it's over a hundred.

Submitted: 2008-11-27 (View map)

Thanks! MANY of the coffins are occupied, unfortunately. Originally I had enough coffins to match the bedrooms, but the reason I had to build an expansion was they were all either occupied or already assigned. I would say probably about a fifth of the coffins are occupied. Some of them got filled with frogman/olman/corpses from the underground river. I have no idea why they gave them a state burial.

Yeaah... the jail is much more luxurious than the bedrooms, heh. I just wanted to make sure to recuperate the tantrumers. Ever since the waterfall though, they've all been pretty happy, except the jealous nobles.

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