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Submitted: 2010-03-18 (View map)

Another quick thing to mention -- Export Local Images using Mayday's current release (DFG 22, which is a branch of 40d18) is broken on Windows 7 64. It is also broken in seemingly the same fashion on 40d19. I've tried every combination of switches and resolutions and settings that I can think of in the init files, but I either get oddly tiled shots of just my current screen for just the current level, or large totally black files. I've resorted to loading up the map in good old 40d, and exporting these snapshots from there.

Submitted: 2010-03-17 (View map)

I don't see any better place to store it, so here are the worldgen parameters:

Created in DF v0.28.181.40d18.


Submitted: 2009-08-01 (View map)

As far as stockpiles go, mostly it's only furniture, food, and finished goods that needs expansion, and there is plenty of room to add large stockpiles in the "central pillar." Those, combined with some small workshop-side stockpiles, and a glut of haulers, means that I don't have to handle the stockpiles with any particular slyness. The other thing is that, with the stacked z-levels structure like this, a stockpile at -10 depth is only 9 tiles away, or what have you.

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Submitted: 2009-07-31 (View map)

This time around I'm trying to keep an eye on migrants so I have some idea what to expect in the future.

253 Mid Spring: 7->28; 50k wealth.
253 Late Summer: 28->36; 170k wealth.
253 Mid Autumn: 36->44; 210k wealth.
??? (I missed a wave or two)
254 Late Autumn: 68->75, 683k wealth

... and now I'm not keeping track at all. Population in winter 255 is 96.

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Submitted: 2009-07-30 (View map)

Beautiful fortress design. I love the symmetry, and the gadgetry involved in the defense system.

One question -- are your living quarters far enough from your manufacturing to avoid noise pollution?

Submitted: 2009-07-29 (View map)

I can try that out. IIRC I constructed that door at the end of the hallway immediately *after* the raid, when I saw what the civilians were doing. I didn't realize that putting a forbidden door would make the goblins path differently -- it's the only entrance to the fortress, so I just assumed they would come down that way regardless.

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Submitted: 2009-07-27 (View map)

Love the bedroom design. One question though: why are there restraints in many of the private bedrooms?

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