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Submitted: 2008-06-13 (View map)

I like the start on your skylights, and the rooftop barracks. I've been using similar designs on an island fortress, although my (incomplete; one more winter to go) dining hall is glass all around; floor, walls, and ceiling. What makes it nifty is that the walls and entire floor look into the lake.

Thank goodness hailstorms don't exist, 'cause if they are as mean as the carp are, they'd bust that little ballroom right open.

Submitted: 2008-06-13 (View movie)

Yeah, magma men are just as curious about intruders as fire imps are. He wandered over to see who was disturbing the magma, and then got trapped in the current.

"Someone-else" there is right. Carve right up to the warm wall, and smooth the stone between your access tunnel and the magma (smooth the stone on either side as well, just to give your engravers practice). Make sure you have disabled stone collection, cleared out the tunnel, or forbidden the rocks in the tunnel, to make sure your miners don't linger in there. Then, carve fortifications in the wall. Your miner will come along, punch a hole in the wall, and then go do something else (because he's not bright enough to recognize moving lava itself as a hazard).

Submitted: 2008-05-23 (View movie)

The bug this technique exploits has been fixed in latest versions. Sorry, guys.

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