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Submitted: 2007-07-19 (View map)

Holy hell, that tree monument may be the neatest thing I've seen in DF.

Submitted: 2007-07-18 (View map)

What kind of wildlife is that?

Strange fort, never seen quite the likes of it. What's your expansion plan like?

Submitted: 2007-07-18 (View map)

If you plan to expand it like this all the way out to 200 dwarves, you'll have huge traffic issues due to the narrow halls. Of course, you can just move the whole fort closer to the magma any time you want, for forging efficiency, anyway, at this point-- so if you do, build with wider hallways! 4-6+ tiles wide for main ones, 3-4 for side passages, seems to work.

Submitted: 2007-07-17 (View map)

I like the big architecture, the entrance looks like a real murder factory. How's the military here?

Submitted: 2007-07-16 (View map)

Added a moat with drawbridge. Not sure on channelling magma to the front yet, with the trade depot like it is, and the fact that I might wind up with a lake, but I'm contemplating nuking the chasm. Made a lever to flip up the bridge that leads behind the river. Will probably do the same with the chasm.

A little barracks, dining room, and plump helmet stash back there by the magma, along with a well, seem to keep the vast amounts of hauling somewhat in check.

Submitted: 2007-07-16 (View map)

I feel like I'm in the shadow of Copperblazes, considering it's a glacier map, so I'm going with a low pop limit and a small, rough fort with a frontal focus. Intend to put legendary weaponsmith to work on endless spears, will probably trap entrances heavily or do a moat. The bridge back past the river is a drawbridge, so that's safe.

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