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Submitted: 2009-07-09 (View map)

The statue garden was removed a couple years ago, forgot to update the points of interest.

Submitted: 2009-06-27 (View map)

It's a giant eagle. Elves brought me a breeding pair and now I have hundreds. They make for great bone bolts.

Yeah, I'm at least trying to keep 7x7-1 since it's nice to have a few constraints.

Also the sand block disapeared because of how weirdly DF stores it's materials. Once it dropped 1 level it became sand cover alumite. most annoying.

Submitted: 2009-03-19 (View map)

It's 6x8 local area squares. I liked the layout because it's sort of a box canyon in a desert. I'm getting 20-50 fps depending on what my dwarves are doing, though typically 35fps most of the time.

Submitted: 2009-03-16 (View map)

Already thought of that. That sandblock is considered to be original rock, so everything under it is considered inside and underground. Only under that 27x27 area though, which is why the tree farm was placed there. I don't mind since it means my dwarves won't get cave adaptation easily.

Submitted: 2009-03-10 (View map)

For three reasons:

The giant obsidian cube is just the first project for this map. Eventually I'll need to continue pumping the magma to create a bunch of giant statues near the valley entrance.

I plan on emptying the vent and then building an intake system directly inside the middle of the vent. I also want to dig it out so that it's more uniform and circular.

Finally, as the system is, pumping out the magma is in spurts of 3/7 or 2/7. The mold is very large and such a low flow would result in a lot of evaporation. With storage tank I can pressurize it to have 7/7 magma being pumped out since the magma will fall directly down when a 7/7 square is pumped out.

Though, I'll admit that I do tend to over-engineer things.

Submitted: 2009-03-05 (View map)

Fort Darkstone was my trial run at making a giant obsidian cube. To test the theory if it was possible. This one will eventually have a giant poured obsidian cube in the middle of the map.

The levers are to control the flow of water, to allow the pipes to be used as either a sewer or a feed line, depending on the need. Also, sections which are connected to water filled areas will have floodgates in place as a precaution.

Submitted: 2007-11-18 (View movie)

No, he means infinite water generator. It generates water. The pump has a loop (to the south) from which it pumps to which leads to where it pumps from. This somehow generates more water than there was originally in the system. This generates an effectively unlimited amount of "copied" water.

Submitted: 2007-10-27 (View map)

The value of the fort is at 15 million. Sadly this fort is now gone because my computer crashed taking this savegame with it.

I think one of the more interesting features of the fort was that every table, chair, door, window, whatever had an iron decoration and 3-4 bone decorations. Made for rather interesting furniture.

Submitted: 2007-10-26 (View map)

Ah. Brass block bridges for the yellow "warning, falling hazard" which would be around the chasm squares.

Submitted: 2007-10-26 (View map)

The fort population as of the this screenshot is 201. Half the fort is in the military, about 40 are workers/haulers, 30 or so children, and remainder are useless nobles.

Oh, there are 3 major reasons actually. Strange mood isolation and decoration that you mentioned, and specific material selection.

1) Strange mood isolation, since I train every dwarf to talented axe/wrestling and they're all carrying axes because the woodcutter duty is activated on everyone, it makes berserk dwarves very dangerous. This is why every workshop is usually placed in a 3x3 room that can be locked. I also feel it looks nicer if the shops are treated as real "shops".

2) Decoration, keeping the workshop and dwarf away from other materials and items than the ones to be decorated. Unfortunately I didn't plan ahead enough, there's not enough stockpiles in the fort proper to do this. Consider the massive bone stockpile in the north tree farm. About half the suits of armor in the fort are decorated with bone (plus bronze and silver).

3) The one I consider sort of important when it's rock and wood related, all the forts barrels are made out of mahogany, the beds are also mahogany, while the bins are all cedar. The statues, tables, and chairs are all marble, while the coffins are all obsidian. Just personal preference really, but I like the uniformity.

Submitted: 2007-10-20 (View map)

Actually, I use a combination of DeepQuantas and Dystopian Rhetoric. DeepQuantas has has great dwarf/elf sprites while Dystopian Rhetoric is the most complete.

I use granite.exe pretty much exclusively, a smoothed out gem/ore square will be a funny colour, but that colour will go away after you double detail it. mud.exe is for when I don't want an area to look like a clown exploded onto the walls. Digging walls out to get one or two gems would be far more effort than it's worth. I'm way too lazy at this point (I tried it in the last fort, results in revealed map squares, meh, just smooth and forget now)

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