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Submitted: 2010-05-07 (View map)

Those are actually caverns to tell you the truth.

[Message edited on 2010/05/07 at 02:20 by Tarran]

Submitted: 2010-04-21 (View movie)

I think you should tame it (optional) and dump it into a pit. Then make a shrine to it. With plenty of water of course.

Submitted: 2010-04-13 (View map)

Also, If you strike HFS, it doesn't matter if you block them or not, they will RUIN your FPS.

Submitted: 2010-04-12 (View map)

You have WAY too much free time.

Submitted: 2010-04-11 (View map)

That looks like a lot of work, hope it works out!

Submitted: 2010-04-11 (View map)

Hope this does better then Stormcraft. :p

When you strike a cavern, what are you going to do with it?

Submitted: 2010-04-10 (View map)

Wait, so I'm not the only one with a Trogoldyte problem?

This calls for magma.

Also, are you going to smooth your floors, or are you going to just leave them like that?

Submitted: 2010-04-07 (View movie)


Submitted: 2010-04-06 (View movie)

I bet it is, since it's the only well.

Submitted: 2010-04-06 (View map)

Go, go, go! down till you can't go down anymore!

Submitted: 2010-03-26 (View map)

Its unfair how awesome your fort is compared to mine.

great fort! never thought someone would/could level a mountain to build a fort like this!

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