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Submitted: 2009-07-09 (View map)

Looks pretty cool, but the statue garden point of interest seems to be a bit off. It appears above the windmills where nothing is built.

Submitted: 2009-07-08 (View map)

Thanks! The mod is genuinely fun, I must say, though extremely challenging if you walk into it without any prior knowledge of what comes with it. Orcs are extremely powerful versions of goblins that siege -every- year, potentially during every season, sometimes even in tandem with goblins (If they make it through worldgen against the orcs.)

That said, the sheer amount of things it adds makes it worthwhile. Having that many more dragons, and megabeasts in general, as well as many obscure and valuable metals, rocks, plants, and creatures is just a great way to add value to the gameplay.

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