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Submitted: 2008-05-01 (View map)

This is fabulous! All my fortresses taken together pale in comparison to the scale and architecture of this magnificent project. Hopefully none of my dwarves living in our little hole Cloisternotched will hear about this place - they think they have a nice fortress!

Submitted: 2008-01-22 (View map)

The swastika was completely unintentional. I wanted to make layers of black - white follow each other (unengraved-engraved stone), with engravements in the middle, and leaders sitting towards each other (mayor, bookkeeper/manager, dungeon master and Chief of Security) in a luxurious yet collaborative environment.
It didn't last long anyway as the goblins took a critical view and hurried to repaint it with blood. (Ironically one of the bodies lying in the office is the chief architect.)

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