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  • Bye bye Cats - i was just bored of the lots of cats roaming around in my fort. so i simply modd...

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  • Mayors Rooms - This are the rooms of my Expedition Leader: 'Rhenaya' Athelgomath Iga...

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Submitted: 2010-09-05 (View map)

second year nearly passed, digged down 40 z level and still didnt found a cavern, this gets odd.

also a dwarven siege should arrive in the end of autnum, hope i can upload more maps afterwards ;)

Submitted: 2010-08-18 (View map)

so yeah just uploaded, this fort has nothing much of interest. made some basic industries to get my militia some euipment, while slowly digging down and securing all areas with walls and floors.

my goal is to find some magma first, make an obsidian farm and then use that obsidian in cavern layer 3 to build an drow city in it.. thats right build with obsidian, not digging :p

Submitted: 2009-09-15 (View map)

everyone can stick a few logs together to hold most wildlife out, even kobolds. and at least its not a massive stone wall, just wood.

beware of dragons!

Submitted: 2009-04-24 (View map)

just to add an comment to the series: we got a blog about it:


Submitted: 2009-03-08 (View map)

i am jealous :>

Submitted: 2009-03-02 (View movie)

please set rate to 500, as i played with 500 fps. else it will take a while

Submitted: 2009-03-02 (View movie)

please set rate to 500, as i played with 500 fps. else it will take a while

Submitted: 2009-02-17 (View map)

and again a new map... just not really much happening exept of the goblin sieges every season

Submitted: 2009-01-04 (View map)

so we have year 218, nothing much happened in 217:
the street to conect the north is now cut free, also some dirt roads made to to get rid of the plants. the obsidian factory is getting digged out, i made a second z level into the moat... and thus it will get filled with lots and lots of magma ^^ the well is nearly completed, just need to complete the large cistern, my future primary watersource filled from the brook. also some more dumping have to be done... getting rid of a few thousnand stones with only 170 dwarfs realy need its time.

fps: 6-15, so a year is really a long time. even i got rid of most pets now (and put the rest into cages). hungry dwarfs will be quite uncommon here ^^

Submitted: 2008-12-17 (View map)

lost this nice island with a magmapipe a few months later because a fireimp shot at a kitten and the whole island burned down, and i wasnt ready for underground/constructions yet

Submitted: 2008-12-17 (View map)

nearly forgott to update, i am quite not playing enough now :/

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