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  • goblin death arena - 160+ goblins in cages. 17 dwarven soldier in adamantine plate with masterful wea...
  • Uber Mist Generator - a new mist generator design of mine. sends a single block of water around a loop...
  • Dwarves on a plane - Dwarven scientists built a flying machine.
  • Numberabbey Demonstration - My eight-bit adder performs two additions: 27 + 82 = 109 and 71 + 123 = 194.
  • Shortest Fort Ever - Everyone died to the magma bug.
  • Last Stand? - As Faithfulaxe descended into insanity, a goblin marksman ambush appeared, appar...
  • Goblin dumper - Stars with a ridiculous artifact crown that just doubled the value of my fortres...
  • Nuclear Catsplosion - This is what happens when you set cats to a body temperature of 40000, and give ...
  • Body Part Explosion - I had to kill off most of my animals because my FPS was suffering. I had an exec...

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Submitted: 2009-07-08 (View movie)

You should've modded [HOMEOTHERM:10067] to 40000 and given them [SEVERONBREAKS], cuz this fortress is screwed from spiral anyway.

Submitted: 2009-07-08 (View movie)

You obviously do not know anything about Ironblood (not just any mayor, but one of the major dwarven gods) or Nist Akath. Read the story on the forum. 200+ pages of pure, unmitigated awesome.

Submitted: 2009-07-08 (View movie)

It records 20 FPS and plays at 100 FPS. And he's right, it IS beautiful.
Edit: ASCIIgore ftw

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