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Submitted: 2016-03-28 (View map)

Something very wrong happened with the map upload here - the grid is misaligned, and there are random squares everywhere...

Submitted: 2014-10-29 (View movie)

Level-2 building destroyers (i.e. megabeasts and titans) will destroy screw pumps - complete safety is impossible, but this is probably as close as you'll get.

[Message edited on 2014/10/29 at 10:22 by Quietust]

Submitted: 2014-09-18 (View movie)

And this, boys and girls, is why you always make sure your soldiers are wearing armor and shields.

Submitted: 2014-08-26 (View movie)

It's effectively a set of R/S flipflops - the lever acts as the "S" input, and stopping the minecart acts as the "R" input.

Submitted: 2014-07-02 (View movie)

I can only assume that the yellow "" with purple background is the plump helmet in question, given that movies do not support custom graphics sets (or TrueType mode, for that matter).

Submitted: 2014-05-14 (View movie)

Blood for the blood goat!

Submitted: 2014-03-17 (View movie)

If you liked this, be sure to watch the (unofficial) sequel, with nearly 3 times the carnage.

[Message edited on 2014/03/17 at 01:12 by Quietust]

Submitted: 2014-03-03 (View movie)

And this is why you should never record movies while using a custom tileset...

Submitted: 2014-01-27 (View movie)

Protip: turn off TrueType mode before recording movies

Submitted: 2014-01-27 (View movie)

Using the DFHack "fastdwarf" command?

Submitted: 2014-01-13 (View movie)

I wouldn't call that an Elf fortress - more like a Goblin dark tower that was taken over by Elves.

For those who haven't figured out already, this footage is from version (or equivalent).

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