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Submitted: 2008-02-18 (View map)

Basically a clean sweep. I say "basically" because, after the first deaths, everyone (and I mean everyone) was so upset that tantrums were happening all the time, the tantruming dwarves would break stuff/hit other dwarves, who would then tantrum in turn, keeping everyone on edge. Eventually one of them would go berserk and kill someone (or just give up on everything and starve), upsetting the people who knew the dead party and adding to the overall sense of despair.

Near as I can tell there's no way out of a death spiral like this; as long as there's dwarves and dead dwarves they're going to tantrum. I abandoned it in the middle of the thing, mostly because events spiralled out of my control extremely quickly and dwarves weren't going berserk fast enough for my tastes. Had things continued, though... yeah, they'd all probably be dead.

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