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Submitted: 2012-07-30 (View movie)

Huh, is that what's causing it? Thanks.

Submitted: 2008-12-10 (View map)

Could be, yeah.
All in all, they're a bit easy to get 'legendary', but it helps stave off rioting and general mayhem.

Submitted: 2008-12-09 (View map)

Have you considered making a decent-sized (6 by 6?) dining room in rock? Regardless of the quality of tables and chairs, wallpapering the room with engravings tends to send it close to legendary, which helps avoid terminal cases of depression a little.

Submitted: 2008-12-08 (View map)

Afraid of goblins, the local wildlife, or what? Unprovoked dragon attacks? Mass cave-ins? Starvation?

Hm. you have a good point. This game rivals NetHack for the number of causes of death you can carve on headstones.

Submitted: 2008-12-04 (View map)

Generally, a castle is a tower with a couple of walls around it anyway.
I think the main difference is that I'm looking to expand horizontally, if I must, rather than too far vertically. I picked this level because there was a fair amount of room to the north for further structures - I'd have gone for the next Z-level down for laziness if I just wanted to go up.

Submitted: 2008-11-22 (View map)

I didn't choose to. I just seem to have gotten a competent hunter for once, and I tend to completely forget about butchering in that case unless it's automatic.
But. Yes. Bad idea. Burning fire imp fat is enough to make Dwarves think there's lava on the other side of clay. Fire Imp fat DOES burn away eventually, though... as you can see from the lack of smoke and fire in the current food stockpile. After it finished baking peat, I shifted all the remaining food left.

It's pretty steep, yeah. I think the area is right on top of a mountain, mostly; a particularly giant altar-like mountain, in retrospect.
I'm tempted to build out a floor and fortress over the side of the gap, with only a few tiles and pillars for support, but I've already got the start of the outpost elsewhere.

Submitted: 2008-11-21 (View map)

Ah... that would explain it. Didn't know that. Thanks.

Bah. There's no way to designate specific creatures as do-not-butcher automatically. Still, livened up the end of an otherwise-uneventful year, I suppose.

Submitted: 2008-07-18 (View map)

Uhh... no.
Not intentionally, anyway. I only noticed it was formed in that pattern after it was dug out. It's not actually oriented in the same direction as that symbol, making it something sorta-different... but that was just luck, really.

The Nazi movement stole their symbol from Sanskrit. Also, did you know there's a place in Ontario named 'Swastika'? Hei- uh... yay, Wikipedia.

Submitted: 2007-10-15 (View map)

Lessee. I know it wasn't the carpenter - when the siege happened, he flat out refused to leave the wells just left of the bridge for a while, so when the goblins got close I just... uh... locked the doors of that room and forgot about him. He starved. Oops.
Some of the goblins who hit the traps may have survived? I'm not really sure what the blood outside is, as none of the soldiers went into battle.

Edit: Oh, that one? Hmm.
Oh. Yeah. That was before the siege - I send out the military dwarves when elephants or leopards lurk too close to the road.
Alternatively, caravan guards making a last stand. I think they all died on the road, though.
[Message edited on 2007/10/15 at 06:16 by Maisoul]

Submitted: 2007-10-12 (View map)

Once the corridor is fully trapped, anything wanting to get through without destroying bridges or getting there fast enough that the lever hasn't been pulled yet would have to pass at least 13 squares to get to the next vertical stretch of the corridor - nine down, or up, against the wall, and four right to the next wall.
That's 143 squares, not counting a few at the start and end of the path. Probably a little overkill for invading armies. Not sure about any of the big monsters, though. Never had any visit.

Submitted: 2007-10-12 (View map)

So should something like a dragon come wandering down the corridor 'o doom, the bridges are safe so long as there aren't any dwarves nearby or beyond them for the dragon to target?

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