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Submitted: 2015-01-13 (View map)

Well, it's quite ineffective, I'd say. You don't need passages of 5 cells wide, and you don't need such big plan.
It will take long for dwarves just to walk here and there - use more of Z-levels.
For using Z-levels you might like a look on my las fortress here - it's very compact and very big at the same time.
But for the sake of "thinking big" it's quite impressive.

Submitted: 2013-12-16 (View map)

I'd say, You should use more z-levels.

Submitted: 2013-12-05 (View map)

Deep chambers are probably magma-industry project. :)

Submitted: 2013-12-05 (View map)

You can smooth edge walls, and then you can carve fortifications in it.
You can not dig out whole edge, but fortifications are ok for water flow.

I can close entrance totally in any case of troubles :)
And take dwarves down into fortress.
Or I can loose my trained marksdorfs, okay. :(
One real danger are flying creatures. Gonna make bridge-roof against them. Gonna let my military suntun anyway - or I'd build whole fortress deeper.

Submitted: 2013-11-14 (View map)

Can you explain it in words? Or give a link to the explanation on the forum?

As far as I understand mechanics is quite simple?

I'd make it this way:
Plate closes bridges (entrance and exit) and opens magma-shower hatches (or bridges again even better). Another plate at the edge of The Melter will open drainage bridges, closes magma-shower and opens entrance and exit.

But I'm not very good in mechanics and I'm sure you have some more complex timing mechanic.

Submitted: 2012-09-18 (View map)

you can build one corner door for any two adjacent rooms

Submitted: 2012-09-18 (View map)

How do you educate dwarves? Can you provide a forum link or something?
How do you create lumber?
Can I have your contact to learn from you more? :)

Submitted: 2012-08-13 (View map)

I've used dump shuft for delivering ore down 200 levels. Just dumping that into hollow and reclaiming them down at forges.

So, bringing ore DOWN was no problem.
But bringing goods up still is a problem. And bringing dwarves up and down.

So, I am curious about carts. :)

Submitted: 2012-08-13 (View map)

Could you, please, explain your mine cart stack in more detail?
What's its purpose? To carry dwarves from top to bottom and back again? Or it has more stops inbetween?

Is there one cart on every rail only, or is there few carts? Do dwarves have to wait for cart (and for long)?

How faster is your railway than walking?

I'd like to use minecarts myself. :)

Submitted: 2012-08-13 (View map)

I especially like workshop design.
They could be locked in a case of strange mood.
They have handy piles for a raw materials and completed goods just in one z-level (up or down).
Raw materials are collected by the careful hands of dwarven virgins and put nearby.
Trade depot is close enough in a case you need to sell some mechanizms.
Workshops are close to each other and close to bedrooms.
Fuel workshops are close to blacksmiths, etc..

In fact, now the blacksmith is moved to the magma forges (200 levels below!!!), but it was a good time.

Submitted: 2011-07-04 (View map)

I'm impressed.

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