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  • Boneyard - After glorious battle, the bodies of the fallen are dragged below ground, stored...

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Submitted: 2009-07-22 (View map)

I shivered twice just looking at these rooms made of ice. A warm dwarf is a happy one..!

Submitted: 2009-07-22 (View map)

Oh, you should have seen the previous incarnation, it had a door on the south instead of the east and one raid in particular I had to replay was when they snuck in and killed a few civilian dwarves that slept in the barracks. I never had a problem with the fortification though, I have a larger group of marksdwarves than sworddwarves. They are just not present in the barracks at this shot, and I later buildt a wall around my fortress that makes anything being fired upon as they work towards the entrance.

Yeah, traps are way powerful, but right now I want to try catching lots of goblins for weird experiments, it's my first time doing so.

Submitted: 2009-07-21 (View map)

Ah nice, thanks for explaining it to me! I should have realized the border-issues. A creative solution indeed.

Submitted: 2009-07-20 (View map)

Awesome fortress, you have a really nice sense of style. A question, why bridges on the sides, wouldn't walls work just as good at keeping the magma on the other side? Something is telling me I'm missing the point here. :)

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