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Submitted: 2008-08-22 (View map)


Nice architecture, but I'm still giggling about the vomit on the Philosoher's sunroof.

Submitted: 2008-02-10 (View map)

That's a... secure entrance, and an interesting housing complex.

Submitted: 2008-02-10 (View map)

That river to the left made me wonder if this was the old 2D version for a while.

And nice tower. I half expected to see the Wizard of Yendor at the top of it.

Submitted: 2007-11-09 (View map)

Yeah, red sand (and some blood - the periods). There's no magma outside the vent... yet.

Submitted: 2007-11-04 (View map)

That's going to look awesome in adventure mode. Wonder if the overland travel mode will recognize your tunnel...

Submitted: 2007-06-04 (View map)

Actually, the legendary ones are set to hauling. On the other hand, I don't engrave walls other than pillars (that can't be removed anyway).

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