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Submitted: 2010-01-07 (View movie)

I've tried lignite, charcoal, coal, coke, wood, and barrels of booze. One of the tests I did was to station all my military (no-clothes though) on the wood, no ignition.

Submitted: 2009-06-21 (View map)

Went for it, worked to the point where the booze actually boiled. Unfortunately, the booze explosion had a total radius of 3 tiles and disappeared in 10 steps :(. Also, to get the wood to ignite I had to keep magma on the tiles for several steps before it ignited.

Submitted: 2009-06-07 (View movie)

Thanks, though I wasn't thinking when I left my grid settings up. Will have to readjust it to the default next time I make a movie.

Those cave spiders are busybodies eh? (probably the lack of cats fault) My stocks screen actually lags when I hit the threads section (at last count some 3500 webs left with 3 looms), makes an easy trade good though. Everything done automatically :)

Submitted: 2009-06-07 (View map)

The point at the top right where there is magma on a pump and gear is from when the 7/7 tile is sitting on the floor for a few steps. Unfortunately the pump 1 z-level up doesn't grab it instantly for some reason, so a little magma spills out. It then again spills when dropping the extra z-level back down, usually onto a gear assembly.

After the spillage at top right the rest of it just breaks down, I don't know why it spills at bottom left. If I just run the left side (the one without a change in z-level) it loops perfectly.

Submitted: 2009-04-23 (View movie)

Yea, I've been steadily importing and making bauxite mechanisms in case they melted while the magma was being passed around. I figured the non magma-safe gears would eventually wear down like a wooden pump would since they normally shouldn't touch the magma. I think the magma leak is causing the gears to melt, and not the other way around though.

Submitted: 2008-06-07 (View movie)

With autohotkey you can do constructions as well, you tell it everything to do, from simple key presses to a gui showing progress being done. If you want to get really advanced you can add image recognition.

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