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  • Grand Mural / Mosaic Project - This is my Grand Mosaic Project. I just picked a picture from the internet of...
  • The Obsidian Protector - Finished! - Finally finished! And it looks a lot better then I thought it would. You can�...
  • How each layer should look - This is how each layer of the fort will look when I'm done. I've alrea...
  • Catbone Floodcat - This Flood Gate is a catbone artifact, I figure its a good item for my army sall...
  • Towers - That's the green glass towers, to keep intruders from the dark.
  • Grand Arena - I don't know if I ever want to make something this big again. There are 6 ...
  • The Axe Mosaic - This took me about 5 hours to add all the 1250~ 1x1 bridges. The axe is made out...

Comments: 10

Submitted: 2009-07-20 (View map)

@Sirlulzalot: What?

@Map: I'm afraid I am unable to find the four towers... Could you post a few POI's?

Submitted: 2009-06-15 (View map)

Holy **** that is an incredible mural!!!

Submitted: 2009-05-29 (View map)

Thank you!

Submitted: 2009-05-29 (View movie)

Did that elf just throw a fireball?

Submitted: 2009-05-24 (View map)

Dang, the rest died due to starvation after another harpy killed the leader. The Great Camel then killed it, of course. The others starved.

Submitted: 2009-04-12 (View map)

Ah, thank you very much. Didn't see those ramps outside my walls.

Submitted: 2009-02-06 (View map)

It seems you have changed your tileset (For the better.) Could I please have a link to it? It looks wonderful...

Submitted: 2009-01-11 (View map)

Are those fence-looking things vertical bars? (And are they supposed to look like fences?)

Submitted: 2009-01-10 (View map)

Actually, the brook _starts_ in a "chasm kinda." It's the brook's source, I believe. Awesome dining room, BTW.

Submitted: 2009-01-09 (View map)

Oh, man. I need that tileset! I beg of you to put a link to it!

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