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Submitted: 2010-08-18 (View map)

It would be fun to know that dwarves that get bitten and survive would turn into werewolves themselves too, but I guess that'll have to come later with disease and magic.

Submitted: 2010-08-17 (View movie)

Hrm.. I seem to fail at making DF videos. This should have shown woodcutters cutting down trees one at a time between checks... Anyone have any clue what went wrong?

Submitted: 2010-08-10 (View map)

I'm running a Let's Play of this on here and in the channel LetsplayDF. Please feel free to drop on by and leave requests. If I'm on I'll be happy to try to grant them. If not then hopefully I'll see them when I get back.

Submitted: 2008-04-27 (View movie)

Think of the bolts!

Submitted: 2008-01-04 (View map)

It's a good thought actually, kinda getting sick of my inn being full of horses, the dogs go free however. That's just how it's gotta be ;)

Submitted: 2008-01-04 (View map)

Little secret. Since I've limited population (to 24 actually, but I'm at 43 due to babies) I turned off seiges for the time being. My goal is to get walls up and then turn on population and sieges at once. It's kinda hard to fight off 90+ goblins when you only have a handful of dwarves.

Also, I will be installing gates over the river entrances. I can build vertical grates there :)

Submitted: 2008-01-03 (View map)

Windows aren't made specifically by any job. You make windows manually out of 3 cut glass or gems. Because cut gems work, my jewelers can do the job in the absence of sand.

Submitted: 2007-09-11 (View map)

This is a nice comment

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