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Submitted: 2009-11-22 (View movie)

I like how your cook is preparing meals during the whole SoF affair like nothing is going on.

Submitted: 2009-09-27 (View map)

Where was Christes building supports for practice?

Submitted: 2009-09-04 (View movie)

Yes, but what's done is done. This isn't the sort of thing that happens twice :P

Submitted: 2009-07-20 (View movie)

Water Pressure is awesome.

Submitted: 2009-06-24 (View map)

"Needs some PoIs ... what are you planning with the drained river?"

1) 306 late winter has some PoIs

2) Nothing planned with the river at the moment. It was drained to remove the danger of undead fish.

Submitted: 2009-06-06 (View map)

"It's sad, but I really do think we'll need that bunker."

Thy prediction hath proven sage.

Submitted: 2009-01-06 (View movie)

How dwarflike of the humans...

It's funny how everyone instantly turns unhappy.

Submitted: 2008-12-29 (View map)

Looks like a nice start. What's the green w on the left of level 14?

Submitted: 2008-12-07 (View map)

"I like your "off switch" for the magma (assuming that giant water tower does what it looks like it does!)"

Yeah. I built the tower because I was bored and wanted to try out that design and Keldor came up with a brilliant use for it.

Submitted: 2008-08-14 (View movie)

Seriously though, sturgeons are so much tougher.

They have size:10!!!

Submitted: 2008-08-11 (View movie)

Classic bug...

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