Blockadecalmed - 205 Late Summer by Retales

Map Description:

Just a random fort, to be honest. I had no plans or goals, this fort was more of a practice to get back into DF after quite a long break.

This fort has propably the most successful military I've ever had. Usually I have relied on traps, and I still use them, but this time I have trained and equipped my army well. Wounded military dwarves go to Fortress Guard and once/if they heal, they'll go back into the fray.

Point of Interest: Magma works

I didn't discover magma untill later in the game, so I had to de-forest the whole area to make charcoal. Magma will surely make things easier.

I'll still keep de-foresting though, just to tick off the elves - Retales

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Submitted by: Ashery - 2008-12-15 to 205 Late Summer

On the topic of the moat, one thing I've started doing to help fill my aqueducts quickly/prevent evaporation is to dig up from a level below the water source. Not the safest way to go, but I havent lost a dwarf yet...One out of one is still a perfect score, hah.

And flooring over the moat won't prevent evaporation. You're also more than one tile deep, so you shouldn't be experiencing evaporation at all. Pretty sure it's just a matter of what you already're just not getting enough water from the brook.

My suggestion would be to cut off/ your current aqueduct from the brook/drain and then install a few pumps that move water over this barrier. Either that, or dam the draining end of the brook...actually, that'd probably be more effective.

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