Blockadecalmed - 205 Late Summer by Retales

Map Description:

Just a random fort, to be honest. I had no plans or goals, this fort was more of a practice to get back into DF after quite a long break.

This fort has propably the most successful military I've ever had. Usually I have relied on traps, and I still use them, but this time I have trained and equipped my army well. Wounded military dwarves go to Fortress Guard and once/if they heal, they'll go back into the fray.

Point of Interest: Failed moat

The moat has been filling from the brook to the north-east for years (literally, ingame years). I didn't even get the water to spread to the whole moat untill after I emptied two nearby ponds to it. I tried covering the north part of the moat, hoping it stop the water from disappearing/vapourizing.

Edit: Oh, I just realized. The water actually flows in the brook, meaning that water comes from one end and "drains" in the other. And in this map the ends are close to eachother, meaning my moat tunnel got hardly any water. The more you know... :P - Retales

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Submitted by: Ashery - 2008-12-15 to 205 Late Summer

On the topic of the moat, one thing I've started doing to help fill my aqueducts quickly/prevent evaporation is to dig up from a level below the water source. Not the safest way to go, but I havent lost a dwarf yet...One out of one is still a perfect score, hah.

And flooring over the moat won't prevent evaporation. You're also more than one tile deep, so you shouldn't be experiencing evaporation at all. Pretty sure it's just a matter of what you already're just not getting enough water from the brook.

My suggestion would be to cut off/ your current aqueduct from the brook/drain and then install a few pumps that move water over this barrier. Either that, or dam the draining end of the brook...actually, that'd probably be more effective.

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